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Date(s) - 09/05/2017 - 11/05/2017
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Gartenhotel Altmannsdorf


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An Important Meeting Point 
for Rubber Compounding / Mixing 

9 May 2017 (Training Courses)
Rubber Reinforcement with Carbon Black & Silica
Dr. Robert Schuster (ER-1)
Rubber Compounding for Non-Technologists
 Dr. Hans-Joachim Graf (ER-2)

10 May 2017 (All about Rubber Compounding)
Welcome Remarks & Introduction

Dr. Thomas Frueh
Surgeon Gloves with Innovative UV-Technology – 

A New Dimension in Skin Care and Handling Comfort
Dr. Armin Holzner
Compounding Performance of Latex Products 

for European Regulations
Gunther Lottman
What is Essential for a Rubber Compounding Factory?
Dr. Andreas Bischoff
What Basic Knowledge is Required in a Tire Compounding Factory?

Thomas Hanel
Rheological and Thermodynamical Characterization 

of Rubber Compounds – How to Provide Reliable Data?
Prof. Dr. Walter Friesenbichler
Protection of Diene-Containing Elastomers against Cracks by Ozone

Juergen Trimbach
Modified SSBR and its Properties
Dr. Sibyll Ilisch
Improved Properties of Model Tire Tread Compounds 

based on New Functionalized SSBR
Natalia Meissner
EPDM by Design
Dr. Varun Thakur
New Approach in Sponge Formulations 

with very high molecular weight EPDM
Eric Jourdain
Recent Developments on EPDM Compounds used 

in Automotive Sealing Systems – Surface Properties and Light Weight
Dr. Dominik Schramm
Formulation of EPDM: Important Factors Influencing Their Properies Caused by Changes of the Base Polymers

Dr. Mathias Soddermann
SLIP-COAT Waterbased Coatings for Automotive Window and Door Seals
David Bareich

11 May 2017 (All about Rubber Compounding)
Experimental Results on Morphological and Engineering 
Consequences of Good and Bad Mixing
Dr. Dariusz Bielinski
Review of Mixing and its Effect on Polymer Performance

Dr. Hans-Joachim Graf
Rubber Injection Molding and its Specific Pecularity

Leopold Praher
How to Design NBR-Rubber Compounds
Robert Staeber
Compounding Vamac AEM for Various Applications

Klaus Kammerer
Improving Low Temperature Properties and Curing Behavior 

of Speciality Rubbers by Ionic Liquids
Dr. Robert Schuster
Utilizing Neuberg Siliceous Earth to Improve Economical and Physcial Properties – Various Compounding Strategies
Nicole Holzmayr
Compounding for a Constrant Crosslinking Density
Nikhil Mody, Dr. Hans-Joachim Graf

Additional Activities @ ERIF 2017
Europe Rubber Technologists Dinner 2017

10 May 2017 (19.00-21.00 hrs)
”Europe Rubber Technologist 2017” Award Presentation
11 May 2017 (09.00-09.10 hrs)

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Contact Information
Dr. Hans-Joachim Graf / Mr. Peram Prasada Rao
TechnoBiz Europe, Josef Leinstenschneider Strasee 27, 
63628 Bad Soden – Salmuenster  Germany
Tel: +49-151 2000 6394 Fax: +49-3222 152 0721
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Europe Rubber Industry Forum 2017
9-11 May 2017, Vienna, Austria
All about Rubber Compounding
A TechnoBiz Event …


Venue: Gartenhotel Altmannsdorf, 1120 Vienna


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