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RubberCon 2025

In case you have missed it. SGF will arrange RubberCon in the year 2025.

With valuable help from our Finnish friends in SKY-FGF, we were able to make the application, in front of IRCO, to get the international conference to Sweden. We are now enthusiastic that we get the honor of arranging this.

See Plastforum’s article on SGF’s spring conference and the upcoming RubberCon 2025.

Conference survey feedback

To everyone who participated in the conference, thx for your participation and thx for responding on the survey, it will help us to improve on the future conferences.

Some response/ feedback based on the survey done after the conference in Stenungsund.

2018 SGF Spring conference survey results

Spring conference finished

The spring conference, with a polymer theme, was held April 12-13.

A soon as possible we will present the papers and the participants.

For now though, please enjoy some pics.

Spring conference 2018

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Uppdaterat program för konferensen

Här är det senaste konferensprogrammet. Det är samma som också skickats ut till alla anmälda deltagare via e-post.

SGF Spring Conference 2018 program Final

Kallelse till årsmöte 13:e april

SGF inbjuder alla medlemmar till årsmöte 2018 i samband med vårkonferensen vid Stenungsbaden, Stenungsund

Den 13:e april kl. 13.00-14.00

Kallelse och dagordning årsmöte 2018

Mvh / Styrelsen

Conference program updated

The invitation to the spring conference is updated with an almost complete program.

Remember to register ASAP.

SGF Spring Conference 2018 program

We are looking forward to meeting you in Stenungsund.

Invitation to spring conference

The conference is going to take place in Stenungsund, 12-13 April as announced earlier.

Please see the invitation and register using the form.

SGF Invitation 2018 spring conference

En tillbakablick på syntetgummits utveckling

Lästips – Gummi – ett fascinerande konstruktionsmaterial, del 2

Nils Levin ger en tillbakablick på utveckling av syntetiskt gummi. Länken går till Läroverket i Småland.

Datum för konferens /conference date

April 12 – April 13

Nils Levin tilldelad Plastovations hederspris

Plastovationer Awards delades ut vid en middagstillställning samband med Elmia Subcontractor i Jönköping.

Allas vår Nils Levin mottog årets hederspris, vilket delades ut av Plastforum.

Grattis Nils!

Läs mer på Plastnet